Codecademy Review

Codecademy Review

Deciding to change my focus to web design, I wanted to find the quickest and cheapest path to web enlightenment. I discovered and tried different live web development courses, and this is my Codecademy review.

A quick google search shows a few options for live web development courses such as, Treehouse, Code School, Lynda, etc. Weighing my options based on price and scanning blog reviews, I settled on Codecademy because, well, it was free.

Codecademy offers live web development courses on HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby. By “live”, I mean there are lessons to follow where you read instructions, type in the code, then pass to the next level after you have gotten the lesson correct. Genius. I found the structure exceptionally helpful for a hands on experience versus reading a code book and trying to visualize the concepts. Codecademy definitely sets you on your way to understanding the fundamentals of web development. However, I didn’t feel as if it was the best real world experience I was so yearning for.

To most of the world, albeit becoming far less, the world wide web is a magic box where amazing stuff can be seen and is created by really smart people. To a beginner, it’s flat out daunting to think you can too become a magician of the web. I personally found it hard, when initially learning web design, to understand the concept of opening up a text editor (like Notepad) and typing out code by hand, then somehow taking my creation to the web. Which is where my biggest complaint with my Codecademy review lies: taking the code concepts you learned and make them a reality.

Codecademy Review: Conclusion

I would absolutely recommend Codecademy’s live web development courses to a beginning web developer. I believe the more practice you have in any environment is worth the time in order to create confidence. Codecademy helps build a foundation in code structure as well as the feel and visualization of the language. However, nothing beats real world practice. Codecademy isn’t the be all solution for becoming a professional confident web developer, but it’s a great start.

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