Dash General Assembly Review

Dash General Assembly Review

Dash General Assembly Review: Live Web Development Courses

General Assembly is an educational institution which focuses on web development, user experience design, digital marketing, data science, etc. Stumbling across their website, their User Experience Design and Web Development courses look as though you will gain enough experience to jump start a full time career and actually know what you’re doing. Eager for my own career to start, General Assembly’s education does come with a price tag which you may not have lying around. Ranging from $1,500 – $12,000 depending on the type of course you take.

Disheartened at GA’s cost. I still looked around their website day dreaming of becoming a student, when I stumbled across General Assembly’s Dash. Dash is GA’s free live web development mini courses. With a sleek front-end, you will go through modern html, css, jQuery, as well as, responsive design.

As far as my Dash General Assembly review goes, I really liked their approach. Not only did the flow and course design feel modern, it was also relevant to today’s needs. I would recommend taking the Dash courses for anyone wanting to brush up on their HTML or who want to understand beginner web design. However, practice will make you an experienced web developer, not taking a few online courses. You will not learn JavaScript nor setting up hosting, etc. But definitely check it out. You can tell their interface has taken care and thought, which is inspiring.

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