Lines and Leading Lines

Lines and Leading Lines

Understanding how to use lines and leading lines in web design to direct the viewers eye where you want too.

Leading lines start with one of seven visual elements of design, a line. There are many variations of a line but they all share a continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point/dot. Lines and leading lines in art is meant to direct attention to a subject and move the viewer’s eye through an image using a line. Railroad tracks, lines of colorful flowers, and roads are examples of lines used in imagery to lead the eye in a specific direction. Which is very effective when used in web design.Continue reading

Exclude Category Wordpress

Exclude A Single Category In WordPress

Because not all content is main content.

WordPress websites have never been one size fits all. Customizing is how we cram in branding and functionality to fit everybody’s needs. Recently I’ve been getting requests from clients who want to create a post on their WordPress site which doesn’t automatically post to the front page. Since WordPress is designed as blogging software to highlight new content, I will have to customize the theme to accommodate their needs to exclude a single category in WordPress.Continue reading

Setting Up A Local Server For WordPress

Setting Up A Local Server For WordPress

Develop A WordPress Site On Your Computer Before Making It Live

Windows Setup | Mac Setup

My first web design job was a website redesign. Switching the current website from a static HTML website to the WordPress CMS. The challenge was to make sure there was no downtime for the organization’s clients needing daily service and scheduling information while I was developing. The solution was setting up a local server for WordPress on my computer then migrating the finished site to the live server.Continue reading

Dash General Assembly Review

Dash General Assembly Review

Dash General Assembly Review: Live Web Development Courses

General Assembly is an educational institution which focuses on web development, user experience design, digital marketing, data science, etc. Stumbling across their website, their User Experience Design and Web Development courses look as though you will gain enough experience to jump start a full time career and actually know what you’re doing. Eager for my own career to start, General Assembly’s education does come with a price tag which you may not have lying around. Ranging from $1,500 – $12,000 depending on the type of course you take.Continue reading

Cover of Learning Web Design

Beginner Web Design Books For Learning Web Design

Beginner Web Design Books for Learning Web Design: HTML and CSS

A foundation in web design starts with understanding how to code web pages with HTML then learning how to style the web pages with CSS. Beginner web design books are helpful for brushing up on modern code standards and techniques. Picking up quite a few beginner web design books for my personal curriculum, I began a must-read list by scouring pro web design blogs, reading top book review sites, and researching web design syllabus’ and course textbooks from various universities. Approaching my list first with what I found most suitable for Continue reading